Neighborhood Resources Connection

We build community, together. With residents, neighborhoods, & community stakeholders, we help address people connect with others and advocate for more equitable, livable neighborhoods.
Neighborhoods United South Bend 2021
Neighborhood Roundtables
Join our yearly summit to hear from experts in our city's issues and how to effectively advocate for the changes you want to see in your area. This year our NUSB summit will be on Rebuild, Reconnect, and Recover throughout October.
Join our quarterly roundtables to hear what is happening around the city of South Bend. We bring together stakeholders from different neighborhoods to talk about issues affecting quality of life in our city.


Our 6-week series of workshop-based training builds confidence in growth mindset methods; these methods become an ongoing practice we use to cultivate community capacity. With four programs built for youth, retirees, adults, and companies, we tailor our Community Studio methodology to each cohort respective.
We help support pilot initiatives and proof of concept ideas (POCs) so that meaningful and aligned work has the chance to get moving. Supporting through financing, space, network, and methodology, we help communities of interest, action, place, practice, and circumstance organize. Helping create a better South Bend? Let's talk.