Neighborhood Resources Connection FAQ

The Neighborhood Resources Connection works to help neighbors build neighborhoods. We facilitate neighborhood dialogues, support neighborhood associations, and help empower new leaders.
Connect South Bend's Four Programs
Our four programs focus on methods of practice for going about community building. We focus on unearthing, identifying, discovering, exploring, understanding, and building opportunities within our community. We can't lead with answers. We must lead with questions. We can conduct ourselves with respect and humility, so that we may go about helping figure out what questions need to be asked, and then helping figure out possible answers. Through collisions and serendipity we have the opportunity to discover questions that need answered, so that we then can go about answering them together. Building sustainable community capacity requires that we go about our methodology continuously, and together.
Connect South Bend

What is a Community Studio?

Community Studios build community. The three basic parts of the community studio process are 1. Understanding what the community has to work with, 2. Setting aligned goals among stakeholders, and 3. Implementing next steps to connect the dots. Much like a hiker makes an assessment of what they have with them, sets a goal for a summit to reach, and then gets creative about how best to reach that summit, community studios focus on exploring, finding, and discovering the appropriate questions, so that stakeholders together can go about creating possible solutions.

How do I partner?

  • Invest in Connect South Bend & our programs
  • Volunteer with Connect South Bend
  • Share what Connect South Bend does with someone you know
  • Introduce Connect South Bend with someone you know

How do I volunteer?

How do I find out what Benders are doing?

How do I grow my community building skills?

How do I get involved in community building?

Who is Connect South Bend?

Ryan Hill
Keya Young
Coy Brown
Darcy Kindelin
Karla Riley
Lisa Kowalski

What can I do in my community?

That's a tough question and thankfully there is an answer - what you can, right where you're at, with what you have.
How can you help support individuals, families, streets, blocks, neighborhoods, communities, and the world around us we live in, that's how you can partner with Connect to engage in community building in South Bend.

What geographic communities exist in South Bend (neighborhoods)?

Chapin Park
Council Oak
East Bank Village
East Wayne Street Historic
Edgewater Historic District
Edison Park
Erskine Park
Far North West
Far West Side
Harter Heights
Howard Park Neighborhood Association
Keller Park
Kennedy Park
LaSalle Area NA or LWW Area NA
LaSalle Park Neighborhood Alliance
Lincoln Way West Gateway
Marquette Park
Mayflower East
McKinley Terrace
Miami Village
Monroe Park
Near Northwest Neighborhood
Northeast Neighborhood Council
Northshore Triangle
Oliver Gateway
Pinhook Area
River Park
Rum Village
Scottsdale Community
South Side NA
Southeast Pond
Swanson Park
Twyckenham Hills
Wooded Estates
Map of Geographic Communities in South Bend, Indiana

What demographic communities exist in South Bend?

What ideological communities exist in South Bend?

Faith in Indiana
Indiana University South Bend Civil Rights Heritage Center
Indiana University South Bend Social Action Project (SOCACT)
Islamic Society of Michiana
The Jewish Federation of St. Joseph Valley
La Casa de Amistad
Moms Demand Action
Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky Community Action Partners (PPINK-CAP)
Pro-Choice South Bend
YWCA of North Central Indiana.

Connect South Bend's brand identity, where can I find it?

Partners around the area

Cultivate Food Rescue
Indiana University
Ivy Tech
La Casa de Amistad
Pro-Choice South Bend
YWCA of North Central Indiana
Boys and Girls Club of St Joseph County
Habitat for Humanity
Beacon Health System
Greater Impact South Bend
Purple Porch Co-op
Unity Gardens
South Bend Heritage Foundation
South Bend Culture Club
South Bend Locals
Make It South Bend
South Bend Museum of Art
The Sibley Center
Lang Lab
Community Foundation of St. Joseph County
St. Joseph County Public Library
Troyer Group
City of South Bend
St. Margaret's House
South Bend Regional Chamber of Commerce
South Bend Civic Theater
South Bend International Airport
Bendix Coffee
MAKE South Bend
Center for the Homeless
Potawatomi Zoo
South Shore
Take Care South Bend
Connect to be the Change
Food Bank of Northern Indiana