Clean Streets + Walk Audits
Share in the responsibility of taking care of your streets, yards, block, and neighborhood. Clean up and document around you.

Street Cleaning

waters and streams and land
National CleanUp Day United States — National CleanUp Day
National CleanUp Day
Join a Cleanup - Earth Day
Earth Day
Great American Cleanup Program
Keep America Beautiful
How to Host a Community Cleanup! - Going Zero Waste
Going Zero Waste
8 Tips for Planning a Community Cleanup
The Fill
How to Host a Community Clean Up Day – Nutrien Health

Walk Audits

AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit
Conducting a Walk Audit : NCHPAD - Building Inclusive Communities
National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)
Get to Know Your Neighborhood With a Walk Audit | Safe Routes Partnership
How to organize a walk audit - Active Transportation Alliance
Active Transportation Alliance
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