RNNC | Regional Neighborhood Network Conference

22 Jan 2021 Meeting

John Ruffin, Champaign, IL
Toya Johnson, Columbus, OH
Diane Whitehead, Richmond, IN
Beth Kinney, Columbus, OH
Eden Slater, Knoxville, TN
Evonne Fleming, Peoria, IL
Richelle, Decatur, IL
Verletta Jackson, Dayton, OH
Grant Carlile, South Bend, IN
Nina Sibley, Champaign, IL

Columbus update:

  • $7,000 feeder money went back to Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • We still have our social media login
    • Facebook, twitter, instagram,
    • Eventbrite - who wants to take over? Started in Dayton.
  • Website - rnnconference (expires at end of January)


Levels of engagement (FREE,25,50,100)
  • Free
  • $
  • $$
  • $$$
Smaller event over more days
  • DJ
  • Speakers
  • Activities to engage - online & in-person
Video & photos of communities, share at the beginning Hybrid model -- what to do when they meetup together? What to do when they meetup online? Form response: Capacity, Capability, Willingness, Interest

Next steps:

Run of show
Interest level
Skills available 24 cities - what are the current cities