CO-OPs in South Bend

Meeting put together by Elias Crim about Co-ops, community investment, and bringing local prosperity home to roost in South Bend, Indiana.

CDFI Friendly America Launches 3 New Tools


Coop Home Healthcare - Bronx

Cooperation Jackson -

Evergreen Cooperatives -

Jamestown Homes

Project Equity >> Bring to South Bend

Succession planning -

Manufacturing, Housing, Consumer, Worker, Electric, Land, ...

Eagle Market Streets Development - Kevin. Stephanie Swepson Twitty. IDA - Individual Development Account.

Cincinatti and Oakland - Kevin Jones. Runway Project (philanthropic dollars).

Pooled income fund -- there is repayment: 7% of annual growth revenue.

CDFI Indiana -

CDFI in Indiana PDF -

Prosperity Indiana -

Indy Food Coop -

ICDC - Indiana Cooperative Development Center -

IEC - Indiana Electric Cooperatives -



Visual flowchart of how this could work.

CDFI Friendly South Bend -

The Equity Lab -

what problems are people facing???