SOAR Neighborhood meeting 13 April 2021

safety -- bring more levels of the law-enforcement process to citizens

Captain - _______ Leszczynski

four shootings - Brookfield, Huey street, Fellow street

14-19 year olds

Ricardo Riveria, Riley High School

Cross-generational help with young people -- speak to young people about responsibility, citizenship, their own life,

Get Boys & Girls Club involved!!

Ask prosecutors to come to neighborhood calls -

Picnic in September $40

corporation - every two years - $22

$1,245 in account

Digital Literacy Pilot on the southeast side - Pilot -

Neighborhood Council Meeting - Fred Teague

creating more buy-in from

neighborhood cleanups

cosponsored community events

materials, awareness and engagement -

proposing providing NA - virtual communication platforms

neighborhood outreach: ideal of neighborhood party trailer

putting together a resource catalogue - printing services up to $200 per neighborhood, neighborhood yard sale signs, removal of graffiti help, questions civil law, creation of 501c3 in neighborhoods,

next meeting to create neighborhood council guidelines-

"the catalogue of resources will be an awesome resource"

create the summer learning series - Bendable + library -- people from south east side to come out and support it

city-wide classroom initiative -- summer learning series -- have them come out here -- digital citizenship: goal would be a draw to provide hotspots in the community

Sadie - Tutt branch of Library!

Ryan Ryker - tech guy

Aja Ellington

Anyjah Perkins

Fred Teague

Idriss Bah - enFocus student

Gary - guidelines for neighborhoods - short and simple and flexible - the resources will be tied to following the guidelines probably

Neighborhood cleanup - 24 April - Aja (on the taskforce too) put together flyer, newsletter - lunch at Mt Caramel - Angelo code enforcement: gloves and bags

Meet at Broadway at 9:00am-11:30am -

Lauren Lounsbury - CCI

Jennifer Byers - Social work class

Yard Sale??

Anyjah Perkins - [email protected]

For us to ask all neighborhoods

who is already doing a community clean up? when?

who is already doing a yard sale? when is it?

still doing a neighborhood newsletter? physical version? digital version?

who are your current neighborhood leaders? when do you meet? where?

what programs & initiatives you already have going on you want support for - promotion, printing, signage, planning, organizing?

who is involved in your neighborhood watch program?

United way moving forward looking to break ground in May - the neighborhood center --

Best week ever - August - not going to have a south east side -

11 May is next meeting of SOAR